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Entitled "HOW IT LOOKS GOING BACK" is about growing up in the Montana woods by Doris Knowles Pulis. A captivating memoir about a young girl growing up in the remote and beautiful Yaak River country of Montana. I myself have not read this book as yet, but EVERYONE is saying it is GREAT!!! This still continues to be a popular read!!
Price 12.00.

In 1949, taking a break from San Diego's post-World War II bustle, the Knowles family went cmaping in Canada. Heading home through northwest Montana's Yaak River Country, they found a two-bedroom, story and half log cabin on a small lake. There was neither electricity nor plumbing. Access was via dirt road, slow at best and iffy during the long, hard winters.
Dorwin Knowles saw a peaceful life, and adventurous wife Marilyn agreed. Third-grader daughter, Dee could attend the one room school and 3 year old Bob have a safe place to play. Enthusiastic but ignorant of wilderness living, the family moved in that fall....working together to cook and heat with wood, hunt and fish for food, haul water and wash clothes by hand. They stayed for 6 years, during which soon Stevie was born. This is a story that shows spirit, guts and grit!

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